Kydex 40mm Grenade Holster BLK


Our 40mm Grenade Carrier are made to hold different models 40mm Grenades. These carriers offer strong retention which will stop the grenade from falling out while in the carrier, but still offers quick access at a moments notice.


Everything needed to use and mount this carrier onto your Molle webbing or belt is included.


We advise you do not store your grenade in this carrier while not in use as it may reduce retention of the carrier over time.


These Carriers are confirmed to fit:


Tectonic Innovations Quake Grenades (both versions)


All models of TRMR


Alphatec Grenades


Oshiboom Grenades (although we would suggest wrapped the grenade in

some tape as they are on the skinnier side)


Pulse Armament B1 Grenades


40mm Grenade Launcher Shells


EG WP40 Smoke Grenades


TAG Rounds


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